Worship is beyond what we do when we go to church. Worship is living as a tangible part of God’s presence here on earth. Do something and IMPACT the world around you. Join us, as we seek to be His hands and feet in this broken world.

Here at Five Oaks, we believe that we are called to serve others as Jesus commanded. Not only are we serving those in need, but we are serving our King himself.


You can make a difference in your neighborhood, community, nation, and world for Christ. Get involved in Local and Global Impact Missions at Five Oaks.

We want to make it easy for you to serve by helping you reach those in need both locally and globally. That’s why when we participate and partner with great organizations near and far, you are wholeheartedly encouraged to serve with us.

Broaden your outlook, step out of your comfort zone, and change the world!


Here are a few ways that you can easily get involved with our Impact Missions at Five Oaks:

  • Join a Small Group – Groups do Impact projects together,
  • Participate in a Church-wide Impact Project,
  • Become a Small Group Impact Leader,
  • Support a Missionary Family, and
  • Pray and Search for a Service Project - If you feel called to a particular project or organization, let us know and we will support you!

These opportunities are just examples of ways to serve that are readily available to you through our Impact Missions at Five Oaks.