Coming this Fall

Here is what I’m excited about for this fall:

  • A college & young adults group, led by the Robbins’ and Titus’… and there’s food!
  • A Korean group. Peter, the leader of this group has such a passion for this group and for the Korean people to be connected to Scripture!
  • A young families group, led by the Meehans, who felt called to start a group out of their experience with Story of God.
  • The Journeyman! Our men’s ministry is an exciting way for men to engage in small group and discipleship in our church. And there are 2 options to choose from!
  • Women’s BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is breaking records of attendance this year and our host site at Five Oaks is no different. We are getting creative to try and fit as many people as possible!
  • Village Schools of the Bible is having another year with us at Five Oaks. Warren Coe is a passionate teacher of Scripture and you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Henry is doing a series on “Connect” this fall. Our vision to connect to the body of Christ, to deepen our faith and relationship with Christ, and Impact our world for Christ is why our church exists. You won’t want to miss a week this fall!

-- Jonathan Haage