It doesn't work without you.

Serving. More than just a nice idea, it’s a part of discipleship! Our Connections Ministry, once called First Impressions, meets many needs: to help make the weekend services happen, to create a warm and welcoming environment for all who attend, and to show the spiritual gift of hospitality to one another. But did you know it’s also something God says is part of being a growing, maturing follower of Jesus?

God calls us to serve one another and to offer our whole lives as an act of worship to him. Throughout the Bible, he tells us how much he values caring for the stranger in our midst, for the widow, the orphan, for our neighbors…..and to love each other as we love ourselves. When we make the time and effort to meet one another’s needs, we are creating spaces in our lives to see him work in amazing ways. 

Are you experiencing the joy of serving someone else and discovering your gifts along the way? Are you giving your kids the blessing of thinking of other people and seeing how God uses them to make someone else feel welcome?

Five Oaks needs YOU to find a place to serve, but the best part is, you will receive so much more than you give. Connections is in need of volunteers in several areas. Below are the ministry areas and the number of openings we need yet to fill for this ministry year:

Acorn -- 7
Greeters -- 9
White Glove -- 5
Safety & Security -- 3
Ushers -- 9

If any of these areas sounds appealing, for a once-per-month serving commitment, please email me at to see how you and your family can get involved. You WILL make a difference.