The Rewind: Fall '15 Parent Meeting

Parents of Middle School & High School Students,

It was such a blessing and encouragement to meet and visit with so many of you at our Parent Meeting this past week. We hope and pray that you found our time together as worthwhile and beneficial as we did.

For the convenience of both those who were able and those who were unable to attend, we thought it might be helpful to do a quick REWIND of what happened and what we covered at our meeting.

What Happened/We Covered:

  • In the world famous “Can I Get Your Autograph” Game – Pam Hawley got 20/24 autographs and won a free trip for one of her teens to “Camp Getaway.” Congratulations Pam!! Way to go!!
  • Vision/Philosophy: We discussed how Rush Hour and Fusion will be embracing the 5 Oaks vision of “Connect”, “Deepen” and “Impact” and how we will implement these characteristics into our ministry focus. In addition, we briefly discussed how we will be implementing “7 Core Principles” into our teaching, curriculum and trip programming.
  • Programming: We talked about the change in our Wednesday Night programming. Specifically how both Rush Hour (6th-8th) and Fusion (9th-12th) will begin (6:30 pm) and end (8:30 pm) at the same time, with the groups combined for times of fellowship and worship but separate during times of teaching and discussion. (For more information check the Fall Brochure.)
  • Camp Getaway: We took some time to discuss how Camp Getaway will be at Camp Shamineau, October 2nd-4th. The cost will be $140 per person. This cost will cover all camp fees, a long sleeve tee, transportation and all activities, except for paintball ($15) and one fast food stop ($5-7). Some scholarships are available. We ask that families register and sign up their teen by Wednesday, September 30th. Registration Forms were passed out and are now available at church. An online registration link will be made available soon.
  • “7 Hacks For Parents”: Justin and Tyler gave out 7 tips (hacks) for how we as parents and youth leaders can get the most out our relationship with our teens this upcoming year. To see a copy of this list please click HERE. A video presentation of these tips will hopefully be made available soon.

Now in light of what we covered at our meeting here is what we need from you:

  • Forms: Please complete and turn our Medical/Liability Release Form ASAP otherwise your teen(s) will not be able to attend future trips or events. This form can be found HERE or at church and it will be good for the entire 2015-2016 ministry year.
  • Involvement: At our meeting we expressed our desire and need for you as parents to be involved with what’s happening in youth group in order for things to be successful. We also presented a number of different ways thatyou can be whether that be from donating physical resources to leading a small group and from attending Camp Getaway as a chaperone to helping serve snacks at Acorn Cafe on Wednesday nights. Please prayerfully consider how God might want you to be involved this upcoming year in Rush Hour or Fusion. Look for opportunities that you can sign up for in the near future.
  • Fall Brochure: Please make sure that you go through our Fall Brochure and look at what will be happening these next few months and to talk with your teenager(s) about what we will be expecting from them while at youth group. To view our brochure please click HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to stay informed. If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


The 5 Oaks Youth Staff