Connections Ministry … what is it, and what do we do?

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Connections exists to help make the weekend services happen, to create a warm and welcoming place for all who attend, and to continue to offer our lives to God in worship in many different ways. That includes caring for others around us, and to love one another as we love ourselves. When we make the time and effort to meet each other’s needs, we are creating space in our lives to see Him work in amazing ways.

Connections is made up of teams of volunteers in the areas of:

  • Greeting Team
  • Information Center Team
  • Ushering Team
  • Acorn Cafe Team
  • Security Team
  • White Glove Team (light housekeeping between weekend services)
  • Tour Guide Team (offering information to visitors)

  If you have ever been new anywhere (and everyone has), you know how much it can mean when someone sees YOU and makes an effort to make you feel comfortable / special / noticed / cared-about / heard / appreciated……you get the idea. YOU have the ability to give that gift to someone else, and Connections Ministry would love to help you do that. 

    To talk more about how you might like to be that blessing, talk to someone serving on a Connections Team at church. They can tell you how to get more information, or they can invite you to serve with them for a service time to see if you like what they do. Or contact the Serving Coordinator at Five Oaks Church. Her name is Jennifer Clemens, and her email is  Either way, you have some really great conversations ahead of you, and you’re about to see how God is going to use you in ways you may not have imagined. 

Thanks for reading,

Carol Jorgensen, Connections Manager