Thank you.

Thank you.

You come here each weekend and you serve others
    and you brighten our doorways
    and you meet people’s needs
    and you listen
    and you help
    and you try
    and above all you’re there.

You might be the first, 
    or only friendly face someone sees in their entire week.

You praise each other’s strengths
    and bear each other’s failings, 
    because that’s what we all are, 
    a collection of strengths and failings…
    examples of God’s mercy and grace.

And I am so blessed by each and every one of you,
    because you extend that same grace to me.

It is a highlight of my weekend here at church to be able to see each one of you,
    to be able to walk around and thank you,
    to catch up with you and say hi.

Each one of you matters so much…
    to me, 
    to God, 
    and to the folks that walk through our doors.

And I have to believe that each one of you carry the same attitude into your everyday, 
    walking-about-the-world lives, 
    because how could you not?

It is who you are.

So thank you for being you
    and for letting others see that.

You bless me
         every day.

-Carol Jorgensen
Connections Manager