That moment you realize...YOU are needed!

It was a moment that I try to look back on often, so that I won't forget. That one moment in time when I knew, I was needed and the longing to fulfill that need, filled my soul. 

I had heard  the kids out in the living room playing and calling for me to see if I was going to make breakfast, but I desired to stay snuggled up under my warm blankets with my eyes shut for just a few more minutes. My world became quiet and still for a few brief moments and then, all of the sudden, there were my two youngest kids, standing by my bedside, staring at me. I'm not sure when they walked in to the room, or how long they had been standing there so close to my face, but it certainly scared me enough to make my heart race a little too fast that early in the morning, 

My gut reaction was to get annoyed and tell them to go ahead and make their own breakfast. Let me sleep.  But, then my youngest daughter spoke. "Mom, I asked Jesus in to my heart!"

"You did?" I exclaimed.

"Brother and I prayed together.'

My quickly racing heart, turned to flutters of joy at this declaration and a sense of pride that my kids had made that choice, on their own, yet together, filled my soul! Then I realized, I am needed! 

I am needed to guide these kids on this path. I am needed to teach them the truth of the Word of God in a new way that relates to them in a whole new way.  I am needed to celebrate this moment with them! 

Friends, I want you to know that you are needed as well, right here at Five Oaks in The Tree House, to make a difference. You are needed for more than just an adult supervisor, staying comfortable in the place you are in. You are needed to help guide the kids of our church on the right path. You are needed to teach them the truth of the Word of God in new and exciting ways that relate to where they are at. YOU ARE NEEDED to celebrate the moments with them! 

Would you please pray about what area you could help in the Children's Ministry this summer. We need you and the blessing of time that you have to offer these kids! 

I am pretty sure we made pancakes for breakfast, they seem to be our traditional celebratory food choice. And we set out on a journey to do this together as a family. What a blessing that Five Oaks has been to come alongside us on this journey as well. Will you come alongside the kids of The Tree House as well?