The Journey to Easter

The colors, the flowers, the yummy cream filled chocolate eggs..the glimpse of spring just around the corner... These are reasons I adore the Easter season, but the remembrance of the hope of eternal life, that God gave all generations through His son Jesus Christ, is what makes me LOVE the reason for Easter! 

On Easter weekend, we, in The Tree House Children's Ministry, will be offering the kids a unique experience in hearing the message of the cross and we will be giving them the opportunity to cross the line of faith. 

As we journey towards Easter with the kids , we ask that you pray for their tender hearts to understand the Story of God through His one and only son. 

One of the ways that you can help prepare your children's hearts fro Easter is through the Journey to Easter Countdown chain. If you have not recieved your count down chain, please contact me at and I would love to get one to you.

We pray that you adore and love this season with your children!