The Little Hand

It was Easter weekend and this little guy was having a rough time after his parents left for the worship center to hear the weekend's message. I left my post at my hostess stand and walked to the nursery to see if I could help in any way. Seems my new little friend just needed a walk, so, we walked. We looked at the bulletin board, decorated with Easter items, and the table that had different art forms depicting the story of what Jesus did for us all so many Easters ago.  As we walked through the halls, I couldn't help but feel the tight grasp he had on my finger. He didn't care that my hands were cold and stained with paint; he just knew that he didn't want to let go!

As we sat and talked...actually, I talked as he awkwardly stared at me.... and he held my finger, I thought about how quickly in life we can loosen our hold to Jesus and we can become comfortable with letting go. My new little friend's grip reminded me of the importance of holding on to Jesus and His promises when it becomes easy to want to let go of Him. 

Our hearts, in the Tree House Children's Ministry, are to help kids tighten their grasp with Him, so that they will never want to let go and to help equip parents to maneuver through that journey with them, according to God's word. 

I challenge you to pray for our kids as they learn what the word of God has to say about Jesus and that their hearts would always be willing to grasp tightly to Him.

My little friend's parents came back after service, and his little hand was back in mom and dad's (as well as was the blood flow to my finger tip) and all was well with his world again! But, I hold that precious time with him and the faith he had that my hand was there, as a reminder to hold tightly to our Heavenly Father's grasp of us!

 "he didn't care that my hand was cold or stained with paint..."

 "he didn't care that my hand was cold or stained with paint..."