This weekend in the Tree House! January 9th & 10th

The Christmas season has ended and the new year has begun. School is back in session and life is getting back to routine. The same is true of us here in the Tree House.

We are excited to introduce a new book to our 1st-4th graders. We began the year with a curriculum written by Kay Arthur and Jana Arndt called, "How to study your Bible, for kids!" Learning the method of inductive study and asking the 5 W's and an H questions to understand what the scripture says.  In keeping with the same study style, "Boy, have I got problems!" will help kids learn what the Word of God says to help them through problems such as; when bad things happen, when they are tempted to do wrong, when they are not nice and even when they don't know how to pray. 

Through this new book they will become advice columnists digging in to the Word of God, focusing on the book of James, for the answers. They begin this week with, 'Sometimes bad things happen to me!'  Please pray for our children as they maneuver through some of these tough questions and pray that God will open their hearts to see the truth in His Word!