Weekend of February 3+4


Coming soon?  Make that 'Now Open'

Stop by the Family Resource Center this weekend to peruse the resources available to equip you to succeed with your family.  The Family Resource Center is a place for every family at every age, stage, and phase to find resources, tools and caring conversation for their family. It will be staffed each weekend by our awesome Family and Discipleship Team. It’s a place to have a conversation with our caring staff, and a place to find tools and resources to help you navigate the phase you’re in. We are here to help you gain confidence in leading your family well! 

Drive-in movie night for 4’s, 5’s & kindergarten students
Kids in the 4’s and 5’s classroom and the kindergarten classroom, please join us on Friday, February 9, 6:30 -- 7:30 pm for a fun night of designing your own cardboard box car, enjoying snacks and watching Esther: A VeggieTale Movie. Parents, this is a drop-off event, so please come in to get your security tags. To RSVP, please email Rhiannon Rutledge at rrutledge@fiveoakschurch.org


Did you get on Realm yet?
Our app-based communication tool, called Realm, will help simplify how we connect and communicate as a church family.  If you haven’t yet logged into your account, look for your email invite from Five Oaks Church dated January 26 and get started today! Stuck? Find the Realm Geniuses in the Commons this weekend, or go to www.5oaks.info.



High school retreats: let’s play in the snow!
High school students...don’t miss our guys’ and girls’ cabin retreats this month! Enjoy a winter weekend in the north woods of Minong, WI with friends and your favorite youth leaders! Guys: February 16-18; Girls:  February 23-25. Come for amazing games, food, fun, and time to connect with each other!  Cost: $10.  To register, click here.



Creating access to the story of God
When we stop to take in the magnitude of the problems in our world - polarization, war, disease, human trafficking, terrorism, abused children, exploitation, and greed -- it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You may ask, “What in the world can I do?” It may actually only take a little effort to make a big impact, especially when everyone in the body of Christ helps out.  Stay tuned next weekend for more details on how you can get involved.



Got a few minutes for prayer?
Please join us as we gather to pray for the 14 Five Oaks-supported missionaries, their families and their ministries.  February 11, 10:15-11 am, room 105. We will have treats! We’d love to have your prayer support for these global partners!



Get on the Bible bandwagon!
If the Bible has ever moved you, now you can help move the Bible! Oh yes you can! It’s a new year, and we’ve got brand new seat rack Bibles, just shipped in, to replace the aged and well-loved seat rack Bibles in the Worship Center. We need as many of you as we can get to help us restock our Worship Center! Grab your small group friends and your family, and join us for just a half hour after the last service on Sunday, February 18.  To sign up, please email Pam Hawley, phawley@fiveoakschurch.org. Yummy snacks will be available at the end for all helpers!



Dorothy Day: be the hands and feet of Jesus
For many of us, our days are comfortable, with no worries for when we’ll eat again or where we’ll sleep at night.  This is an opportunity to step outside that comfort zone and serve those whose basic needs for food and shelter aren’t guaranteed from day to day. If you are 13 or older, consider joining us to prepare and serve a meal at the Dorothy Day Center. March 3, 8:30 am-1:15 pm. Email dorothyday@fiveoakschurch.org to register. You must sign up and get a confirmation for this event.



Why join a small group?
We all are busy. Isn't this just one more thing? Most people from Five Oaks, involved in a small group, report that their small group represents their place of connection or belonging, their closest community.  Maybe you've never tried a small group before or took a break from it.  The new year is a great time to join a small group. We offer small groups from every life stage, meeting on every day of the week, so you can expect to meet other who may be facing similar goals and challenges. People like you. To learn more about small groups, please email our Small Groups Pastor, Jonathan Haage, at jhaage@fiveoakschurch.org.



Would you like some snuggle time?
We love babies! And babies love to be comforted! We’re looking for volunteers with good cuddling skills who will snuggle and play with our babies in the nursery so the parents of those sweet babies might enjoy worship with peace of mind. Interested in blessing these parents? Please email Rhiannon Rutledge, rrutledge@fiveoakschurch.org for more info.



Rooted Women -- If: Gathering is back
Ladies, we are again hosting the IF: Gathering on February 9 (6-9 pm) & 10 (9am - 5 pm). This event gathers women around the world, in local homes, to be reminded why following God and making disciples matters. We’ll listen to speakers and discuss ways we can equip each other as women to live out God’s calling. To register, email  our hosts, Meleah Miller, meleah@gmail.com, or Theresa Gulsvig, theresa.gulsvig@gmail.com.



Podcaster needed — and we’ll provide training
Help us make Pastor Henry's sermons available to those who miss a week or cannot make it to church. Take raw sermon video, add the sermon slides, and upload to our video website.  We have all the tools to do this; we just need you!  Time commitment is about one Sunday a month from 10 am ‘till around 12:15 pm. Please contact Harold Ennulat at HEnnulat@fiveoakschurch.org or call or text at 651.442.5691 to discuss, ask questions, or to let us know of your interest level.



Daily devotions that link to our sermons
DailyLife devotions, written by our volunteer team of writers, correlate directly to the Gospel Project and to the sermon from the previous week. These devotions will give you extra insight for your small group discussions, if you are involved with one. If you don’t currently receive DailyLife in your email inbox, sign up at fiveoaks.church/dailylife or write “DailyLife” and your email on your Communication Card.