Weekend of August 31 + September 1


You’ll want to be here when it starts

Next weekend (September 7+8) kicks off the beginning of our new ministry year. We'll start a new year of sermons by spending time in the book of Esther. It’s amazing how timely the struggle of Esther and the Jews is for the issues we see happening in our world in 2019. You’ll walk away from this sermon series understanding how the people of the Bible compromised their beliefs and had to find their way back to God, and what that can teach us about Finding Our Way Back to God.

Be thinking and praying about someone in your life who has wandered away from God. This sermon series could be a catalyst to help them find answers to their doubts and challenges. (Remember that all of our sermons are available online, so if you can't convince your loved one to attend with you, they can at always listen to these transformational messages remotely.)

Next weekend is also kickoff weekend for Five Oaks Kids, so all kids will move up to their next age level and/or grade level in our programing. We look forward to your whole family joining us for a strong start to the ministry year.

It’s Family Worship Weekend!

On the weekend of August 31 + September 1, we will have a Family Worship Weekend. Kids in grades 1-5 will join their parents in regular family worship. Activity bags and books will be available for families who would like to use them during the service.




Ask Pastor Henry all your questions next weekend
If you’re new here, you may wonder how best to get connected. We have a simple first step, called Pizza with the Pastor. This one-hour lunch with Pastor Henry will allow you to ask any questions about Five Oaks and get you started connecting with others. FREE childcare and a FREE pizza and salad lunch. Sunday, September 8, after the second service. Please click here to RSVP for Pizza with the Pastor.




You asked for it, and we listened
Every year we ask for your input through the Five Oaks all-church survey. This year, you asked us for a master calendar available through our website that you could download to your smart device. Not only did we listen, but also, we’ve created six different calendars (by ministry) so that you can download ONLY the information you want.  Go to www.fiveoaks.church/events to download today.  You will see step-by-step directions on how to subscribe.  You also may visit www.fiveoaks.church/events at any time to view the master calendar.



Story of God classes start in September
One person said of our Story of God course: “It gives me a better understanding of what my purpose here on earth is.” The Story of God helps us see the one story the Bible is telling and gives us a framework which helps us understand more of the Bible as we read it. Come join this rich experience, which is only six weeks long. Click here for more info and to register.


Women: join our fall retreat at Camp Shamineau!
How does a relaxing fall retreat with other women sound? Even better, how about a fall retreat surrounded by the wooded beauty of Camp Shamineau? This fall we’re joining with other local Christian women for a fall retreat, September 20-22. Stop by the ministry cart in the Commons between services to get more info on this retreat and other opportunities in Rooted Women that start this fall.



Got a hammer? Love to paint? You can bless a family in our community
Join us as we come alongside the Barnes family with a fresh coat of exterior paint and a low-maintenance landscape transformation. Kenneth is an 86 year-old veteran and his wife, Ursula, is 81 years old. They have lived in their current home since it was built in 1973. Saturday, September 21, 7:45 am – mid-afternoon, when we finish. Interested? Anyone ages 12-100, male or female, is eligible to register. Click here for more details and to register.



Use your gifts of editing and writing
Sometimes a creative word or a keen eye for detail can be powerfully used to engage our church in Scripture. Our DailyLife team writes, edits, and produces a daily devotional, all from gifted volunteers. Please consider using your gifts to help contribute to hundreds of people engaging in Scripture daily. Please click here to email Jonathan Haage for more information.




Small groups: Doing life together
Fall is almost here, so it’s time to be considering how to have the healthiest rhythms for you and your family. Small group is a way for you to be connected, encouraged, and equipped for the daily challenges you face. And it gives you an opportunity to speak into the lives of others as well. We need each other. If you are interested in joining a small group this fall, click here to email Jonathan Haage.



Love certain ages more than others?
Have you thought about serving in Five Oaks Kids but you don’t know where we need help? In We particularly need regular teachers and helpers on Saturdays for ages 2 through 5th grade, and on Sundays at 11:00 in nursery, Kindergarten/1st grade class and 4th/5th grade class. Even once a month in one of these classes would be so helpful! Interested? Click here to email Kelly Bauman and she will help you find a good fit for your availability and interests.



We’re happy to work around your schedule
Not many realize that we have more than 40 different ways to serve at Five Oaks during the week. With so many options, we likely have a role for you that fits your time and schedule. Getting started in this process is simple: text fiveoaks to 555-888. From there, you’ll answer four simple questions, and then our serve coordinator will text you back. She will work with you via text or phone call to help find your best serve match. A simple text can help you start down a path of getting connected at Five Oaks and building meaningful relationships.




High Schoolers: Register now for Camp Getaway
Fall Camp Getaway is one of our longest-running traditions in Five Oaks Students. This year, it’s a “high schoolers only” weekend and will include night games, skit night, and many other fun competitions for all. Invite your friends to learn about Jesus while having an amazing time! Camp Getaway will be at Lake Pepin YMCA camp on November 15-17. Register on Realm. Questions? Click here to email Henry Michael Williams.




Five Oaks Family News
As a church, we rally around our family in seasons of joy and in seasons of grief or struggle. Our prayers for each other will strengthen one another in these seasons and fortify our bond as believers in community.

Please pray with us
Please join us in praying for Patrick and Robin Ranweiler and family, as they mourn the loss of Robin’s father, John.

•Please also pray for Steve and Sally McHenry, and their family, as they are grieving the unexpected passing of Sally’s father.

Paul and Nancy Titus, and their family, are mourning the loss of Nancy’s father. Please lift them up in prayer as well.


Support for the Nourse Family
Sarena Nourse, a Five Oaks member, was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Their small group has made prayer bracelets as a fundraiser to support Sarena's medical expenses and the living expenses for her, her husband Nathan, and their three children. If you would like to have a physical reminder to pray for Sarena and financially support them by purchasing a prayer bracelet, please click on this link and follow the directions.