Weekend of August 3+4

Wardrobe advice needed.

Wardrobe advice needed.

Family Ministry Kickoff Event: Calling all families and volunteers

To help you prepare for what’s ahead this year in Five Oaks Kids and Five Oaks Students, join us for our Family Ministry Kickoff Event on August 14, 6:30-8 pm. We’ll share details of our NEW Parenting Discipleship Journey and a glimpse of our new curriculum from Orange.

We’ll start our evening together with an ice cream social for all from 6:30 to 7. Childcare will be provided for kids ages birth-grade 5, from 7 to 8 pm, but PRE-REGISTRATION is needed in Realm. (Click here to register in Realm right now!) We do not have planned activities for middle or high school students that evening, but they may attend with parents or register in Realm to help with childcare. Questions? Please email office@fiveoakschurch.org.

Use your gifts of editing and writing
Sometimes a creative word or a keen eye for detail can be powerfully used to engage our church in Scripture. Our DailyLife team writes, edits, and produces a daily devotional, all from gifted volunteers. Please consider using your gifts to help contribute to hundreds of people engaging in Scripture daily. Please click here to email Jonathan Haage for more information, or message Jonathan in Realm.


Loving your world – Haiti mission trip
Nine Five Oakers will travel to Fedja, Haiti, August 10-17, to teach, disciple, encourage, evangelize, and develop new relationships as we partner with Global Vision Citadelle Ministries. Join with us as we send them, and pray that God would accomplish his purposes through Timothy Ayoade, Dan Gangi, Kevin Johnson, Nancy Petersen, Ron & Lesley Schlegel, Rebecca Schoenheider, Julie Walton, & Mindy Wissink. 


Do you love your serve role?
What are the top 4 reasons our Connections volunteers say they love their role? 1. Getting to know people at church.  2. Serving as a family, a couple or as an individual.  3. Easy commitment! Volunteering when you already attend a service.  4. Helping people have the very best experience at church. If you’d like to experience these things, please click here to email Pam Hawley, or message Pam in Realm.


How do your gifts fit with Five Oaks Students?
Already missing youth group?  We have lots to look forward to starting September 4! Not only are we changing our Wednesday night format, but also we’re looking for leaders and volunteers! Anything from set up/take down, serving meals, or even leading small groups on a weekly basis, we can use your gifts. To get involved or ask questions, please click here to email Henry Michael, or message Henry Michael in Realm.





Small group leadership
Are you gifted in leadership or hospitality or just have a huge heart for people? If you’re a member or on the path to becoming a member and are curious to find out more about leading a small group, please click here to email Jonathan Haage. You also may message Jonathan in Realm. He will share details with you for our leadership class in August. (By the way, being an extravert is not required!)




2 ready -- 2 set -- 1 go: Finished your Passport yet?
Our Impact team challenged our church body to complete several Impact projects --  2 Ready, 2 Set, and Go opportunity – by the end of 2019. Your engagement in these activities impacts the people you serve and grows you as a believer. Finished your Passport yet? If so, please email impact@fiveoakschurch.org. To celebrate your finishing the Passport, we will donate $50 to the charity of your choice!



Ready for school to start?
Probably not. But soon you’ll start buying school supplies to help your child prepare for the new school year. We want to help YOU feel prepared for the new school year by giving you some back-to-school resources that will make the transition feel smoother, and help you continue to deepen your relationship with your child. Come visit us at the Family Resource Center to check out these free resources.




18+: Parenting your emerging adult
During the first 936 weeks of your child’s life, you were the primary influencer in their life.  Now their independence makes you happy, sometimes sad – and often confused. What are your new boundaries with advice and help? What if you don’t like their choices? How do family celebrations look now….?  Stop by our Family Resource Center to check out two new resources we are featuring: “18 Plus” and “Doing Life with Your Adult Children.” Both books are filled with helpful tips for navigating your journey as you experience changes in your relationship and changes in your role as a parent.




Women’s Ministry: Register now for the August TABLE
Ladies, are you maxed out on soccer tournaments or that baseball carpool? Are you looking for some great conversation and fellowship with other women? Register today for August’s evening TABLE on August 6 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Take this opportunity to love one another and flourish together in a setting of honesty and a community of joy. We’ll share a meal together and share some guided conversations. Come hungry for God’s truth and discussion with other ladies as we take time to share what God is saying in our lives. All are welcome! Invite your friends to join you for a time of connection!  Click here to RSVP.




Join our mission (membership)
Membership is important at Five Oaks. It’s a way of saying, “I want to be part of the mission of this local church.”  If you have a personal relationship with Christ and have completed Story of God (the class or in your small group), make plans to come to the next membership class on August 11, 9 am, in room 102. Please RSVP by emailing Pam Hawley at phawley@fiveoakschurch.org. You also may message Pam on Realm.


We all need a mentor
As growing Christ followers, we all step through seasons of needing someone to mentor us, someone who’s walked the path before us and gained wisdom in facing life’s challenges. We have mentoring programs for both men and women. These programs both run September-May. Interested in applying to be mentored? Please click here to email Jonathan Haage.  You also may message Jonathan in Realm.



Are you heading up north?
Although it would be nice to move to the lake for the summer, most of us must keep our “day job” and put food on the table back home. If you’re in town on the weekends this summer, we’d love your help in Five Oaks Kids! Even just 1-2 weekends will help our team! Please click here to email Kelly Bauman with your availability. You also may message Kelly in Realm.


Baby news!
Join us in congratulating Tim and Rachel Montgomery on the birth of Ezekiel Paul Montgomery. Baby Ezekiel was born on July 24. He weighed 8 lbs, 2 oz at birth and was 21 inches long. Mom and baby are healthy and doing well!





Helping teens in Inver Grove Heights
How would you like to help students in a nearby community who don’t have enough essentials to feel comfortable this summer? The Inver Grove Heights School District is collecting items for their clothing closet. They are most in need of gently used clothing, feminine products, nonperishable food items, and reusable bags that are not see-through. If you have some of these kinds of items, please contact Five Oaker Abby McHenry at 651-724-3907, or email her at mchenrya@isd199.org. She would be happy to arrange to pick up your donations at Five Oaks.