Weekend of January 5+6

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Important winter weekends in men’s and women’s ministry

As men and women, we play important roles in our families, at work, in our community. Sometimes the conflicting messages we receive about priorities can be de-railing to our best intentions. Men, join us for the Journeymen’s Summit, January 25-27, where we’ll look at the life of David. We will be joined by guest speaker Vince Miller. Take some time to be refreshed, challenged, and encouraged in the new year. For more info, click here. Women, join us for our IF: Gathering, February 8-9, hosted in local homes. At the IF: Gathering, we’ll hear from some leading Bible speakers and teachers to discuss ways to listen for God’s leading and following that nudge. The IF: Gathering will help you find greater freedom, peace and reliance on our amazing God. For more info, email women@fiveoakschurch.org.

Ready for your kids’ next phase?
Kids change quickly: one day it’s LEGOs, the next it seems it’s a cell phone. As our kids grow and mature, their interests, challenges and needs evolve, too. Be ready for what’s ahead! Join us for our FREE Parenting Journey Classes in January, where we’ll explore the social, emotional, physical, and developmental needs of your kids so you can stop feeling behind and start having meaningful connection as a family. Register for the class that corresponds to your child’s phase in Realm. This is also a great chance for you to invite neighbors and friends to explore their children’s phases as well.

January 6 (preschool)
January 13 (elementary)
January 16 (middle school)
January 23 (high school)


Reach One Family Facebook Group: Want help inviting your neighbors?
Remember our Reach One Family Facebook group – the one we used for Fall Fun Fest to encourage each other with inviting others?  Check back often, as we’re continue the conversation about praying for our Parenting Journey Classes. Do you have neighbors with kids in the same phase as your kids? Or co-workers with mystifying teenagers? The dialogue we’re having on the Reach One Family Facebook group will offer encouragement, suggestions and ideas for how we invite others. Check it out today! If you still haven’t joined the Reach One Family Facebook Group, it’s not too late! Search the group on Facebook and request an invite!


Discover your part in the Story of God
Many find the Bible confusing because many don’t understand how it all fits together to tell one story. In Story of God, this 6-week experience will provide a framework for the Bible, help you read it with greater understanding, and make room for tough questions. This is a great way to connect with others in your SOG cohort, too. Next class starts in January. Click here for the schedule of Story of God classes starting soon.



Let Pastor Henry answer all your questions
If you’re new here, you may wonder how best to get connected. We have a simple first step, called Pizza with the Pastor. This one-hour lunch with Pastor Henry will allow you to ask any questions about Five Oaks and get you started connecting with others. FREE childcare and a FREE pizza and salad lunch.  Sunday, January 13, after the second service. To register, email Kelsey Vang at kvang@fiveoakschurch.org.



I love missions, but my skills don’t fit
You may feel that you lack the proper training to be a “missionary,” but you can use your skills to get engaged with unreached peoples in many ways – close to home or far away. The Perspectives Class will show you how! The class will be at Woodbury Lutheran Church on Tuesday evenings, January 15 -April 30. If interested please click here. More info at the ministry cart in the Commons this weekend!




Save the date: Family worship night January 18       
Running on empty? Slow down and fuel up at our Prepare Worship Service on January 18, 6:30-8 pm. Be encouraged and equipped as we spend time worshiping through music, prayer, and scripture in a less structured format. Family and friends of all ages are welcome! Join us as we prepare together for the work God is doing in and around us!



With immense gratitude
Imagine what walking into Five Oaks on the weekend would be like if we didn’t have people to welcome you and answers your questions? If we didn’t have people to serve you coffee or have communion ready? If we didn’t have lights, sound or music?  How about no one to connect with your baby or third-grader while you worship?  If you SERVE in any way throughout the year at Five Oaks, we thank you. You bless us.



Did your finances steal your holiday joy?
Sometimes simply having a plan in place for the future can help us enjoy today. Financial Peace University (FPU) can help you rediscover that confidence. FPU helps families get a clear vision for how God sees finances and practical tools to help you see a less stressful tomorrow. Class starts February 3 at the 11 am service and runs 10 weeks. Cost: $90; scholarships available. For more info, please click here.




Loving your city’s children: foster/host/adopt fair
Did you know more than 100 people from Five Oaks are either foster parents, host parents, adoptive parents, or are on a meal team for our foster parents? You’re invited to a foster/host/adopt information fair at Five Oaks on Sunday, January 20, from 8:30 am to12 noon. Stop by and get more information for yourself or an interested friend.  Learn simple ways to start making a big difference.



Five Oaks book club
Do you love to read? Join us at our book club to discuss our monthly reading choice and meet others from church who also love a good book.
When:  Second Tuesday of every month
Time:  6:45 pm - discussion at 7 pm
Where:  Five Oaks Church, Fireside Commons
New members are welcome throughout the year. Join anytime. Please message Carie Jorgenson on Realm to find out what our upcoming titles will be and to ask any questions about joining us!




Welcome new members
Brian & Jennifer Bartle