Serve in Bucharest, Romania

April 16 - 24, 2016

Serve the 'Least of These' in Bucharest, Romania this coming year. Impact Ministries is partnering with the Ruth-Project School in Romania to offer an exciting Global Missions opportunity. We will take a team of 6 - 12 mission-minded individuals to serve and work with the 400+ Roma (Gypsy) children at the school and in the Ferentari district of Bucharest. The Roma are among the poorest people group in Romania and throughout Europe.

The Romanian government has identified Monday, April 18 - Friday, April 22 as Field Trip Week. In addition to other activities, during the school week we will help guide the children through museums and other cultural activities.

The Ruth School is committed to giving education to the marginalized and disadvantaged, particularly for those coming from Roma (Gypsy) families in order to help them reach their highest potential. Through education, the Ruth School seeks to assist in the inclusion of Roma in society as well as their future educational endeavors (high school, vocational schools, etc.)
In addition to the educational opportunities offered by the Ruth School, there was more that attracted students to Project Ruth. Due to poverty, many children started to attend the school simply because of the hot meal offered by the foundation. Noticing all these things, The Ruth School organized the following services for their target group: an educational program based on the MECT curriculum, programs of education, a hot meal at the school and basic medical care as well as hygiene program. For more information on the Project-Ruth School click here: http://www.projectruth.ro/

Cost is $2,200 per person. We will help you gather support to serve. You were made for mission. Pray about this opportunity. To sign up or for further information email Jerry Meras, jmeras@fiveoakschurch.org.