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“Really what I was looking for in a small group…I need a place to become family. The church (in Maine) had become family to us. We don’t have a male figure — I need a place that had males (who) were willing to invest in my boys’ lives and women that were going to come around me and just…love us.  I found that in our small group.”


“As a father of 3 children, being able to (not only) share my faith with them verbally, but also be able to model that faith…we’ve all been given gifts to serve: to serve the church, to serve each other.”


“I was in need of a church, but the very first day we came into this church, I felt like they had been waiting for me. Typically, my children will … cry. My youngest went straight in (to Five Oaks Kids) and ever looked back. The same way with my daughter. And I was so at peace, I said, “God, this is it.  I know this is it.”


Unique resources to help families thrive


We understand you want the best for your family which is why for almost 30 years we've been helping families win.

Family Resource Center

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Family Milestone Classes

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• Learn how the Bible fits together to tell one story

• Connect with others in a cohort

• Discover a relational approach to spiritual growth

• Ask tough questions — get real, honest answers

What surprised me is that I have already started sharing what I learned with friends to help them understand the Story of God framework!! For me,
this class is ‘mission accomplished’!
— recent Story of God graduate

Don't do life alone

We know that in order to thrive spiritually as a family you need to get connected to a church home. 

Whether you land at Five Oaks or not, we want to help you find the right church for you and your family. So here's a checklist to help you find a church where you can connect and find meaningful relationships.


Finding Meaningful Relationships

At Five Oaks Church we know that you want to thrive and live a significant life. In order to do that, you need an inspiring church community to belong as a family and have meaningful relationships. The problem is there are so many churches to choose from and finding a church home is overwhelming. We believe God created us for community and finding meaningful relationships shouldn't be so difficult. We understand you want the best for your family which is why for almost 30 years Five Oaks Church has been helping families succeed in what matters most.