Discover your part in the Story of God

A six-week guided journey through the Bible

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Prepare online

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Attend 6 Weekly Sessions

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Experience the BIble Like Never Before


Do you have a clear plan and path to spiritual growth?

  • Can you really experience an ongoing personal relationship with God?
  • Are there tough questions about faith you want answered?
  • Is the Bible relevant to your daily life?
  • Would you like to learn to read the Bible with understanding and depth? 
  • Do you want to connect with others as you learn?
  • Is joy and a meaningful purpose missing in your life?

The Story of God Experience is For Everyone

  • Investigating Christianity
  • New follower of Jesus
  • Biblically illiterate
  • Bible study buff
  • Skeptical but open
  • Growing spiritual leader

Here’s what others have said about the experience

I had the opportunity of share some of my doubts and get to hear different perspectives.
Understanding how [the Bible] all fits together is exciting and faith building and also gives me more confidence when I’m questioned about why I believe.
What I gained the most was a renewed desire and interest in growing my faith and being closer to God.
It gives me a better understanding of what my purpose here on earth is.

What Makes the Story of God So Different?

Most people who read the Bible, even life-long readers, find it confusing because they don’t have a framework for the story. They don’t understand how it all fits together. This 6-week experience is unique. It offers a simple and memorable framework that explains how all the parts fit into the bigger story, while also getting you to open the Bible and read key passages for yourself. It’s like a knowledgeable friend sitting next to you, offering you a guided tour of the Bible. In 6 weeks you will have a mental model that exponentially increases your ability to understand the Bible as you read and study it for the rest of your life. And you will receive an actionable framework for spiritual growth that is relational and practical.