Our Governing Board serves our church and its staff with sound counsel, strategic planning, and support of the vision, mission, and ministries of Five Oaks.

For more information on our Governing Board and its role at Five Oaks, please contact


  • Rebecca Blakey

  • Arthur Cofield

  • Todd Giere

  • Kelly Larson

  • Steven Messick, Secretary

  • Meleah Miller

  • Bruce Paulson, Board Chair

  • Henry Williams, Senior Pastor


The Elders are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the pastoral care and shepherding of the church body. Staff pastors alone cannot handle all pastoral care concerns, needs, and crises of the church, so the Elders assist in these duties. The Elders have the great privilege to pray regularly for the needs of the congregation and take your prayer requests very seriously. They also ensure that the church’s ministries are scripturally sound and oversee the church membership process.

For more information on the Elders at Five Oaks or their role within our church, please contact


  • Dave Baar, Secretary

  • Kevin Gjertsen

  • Uchendu Jemie

  • John Lowrey, Chair

  • Nick Novak

  • Chuck Sunderman

  • Henry Williams, Senior Pastor