Meet Sam...the best detective beagle around!

The 1st-4th graders have been digging in to 'How to Study the Bible' with their friend Sam, the detective beagle, as they learn to ask the 5 W's and an H using the scriptures of Titus 1-3.

We are creating a unique opportunity for them to win their very own Sam by learning the books of the New Testament! 

This weekend your 1st-4th graders will be given a bookmark with the books of the New Testament on them. When they have it memorized, they can recite the list to their leader and if they get them correct, their name will be entered to win their very own Sam to take home!

They can enter up to 2 different times if they recite them to their leader in 2 different weeks and they have until Dec. 19th to do so! 

So, make a cup of hot cocoa as you sit with your kids and learn the books of the New Testament in order ....and if you're anything like me, you'll be learning right along with them!