Real-life discipleship


A short thought inspired by Matthew 4:19 and Jim Putman's, Real-Life Discipleship.

Jesus says in Matthew 4:19, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

                                 Follow Me

                            ^          /\        v
                            ^         /  \       v  
        Fishers of men  /__\    Make You
                                     < < <

Discipleship starts with deciding to follow Jesus. Then, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the one doing the "making." He says, "I will make you." And into what? "I will make you fishers of men." We are to bring people into following Jesus as fishers of men and continue the process of allowing Jesus to "make" all of us into who we were meant to be.

And we were not intended to do this alone.  If you aren't in small group right now, I would love to help you get connected! Send me an email!

Small Groups Pastor


What is God’s vision for your life? Your marriage? Your family?

God created you. And when we choose to follow Jesus, he has made, and is making, us a new creation. But, we are still messed up. Life doesn’t happen exactly as we will it. 

Yet, God has a vision for your life… your marriage… your family. And it starts with being rooted in who God is and what he has done.  Which, in turn, tells us who we are and what we are to do. 

Vision, to some, looks like a tangible, quantifiable goal. God’s vision looks like a relationship with him and the new identity he has given you.

•You are a greatly loved child of God the Father. You are a brother or sister to others in God’s FAMILY.
(Love God – Matthew 22)

•You were once a slave to sin and death, but no longer. You are now a SERVANT and follower of Jesus.
(Love others – Matthew 22)

•You were once purposeless or purposed in idolatry. You are now empowered by the Holy Spirit as a MISSIONARY in the greatest mission of God’s kingdom.
(Make disciples – Matthew 28)

We are called to be a family of servant missionaries.  What does that look like?

We need God and each other to accomplish this vision of our new identity.  Don’t wait to accomplish God’s vision for your life. Get involved in a small group to have people walk alongside you in your journey. 


Kids Hope USA - Fill The MINI

Fill the MINI

Woodbury Elementary School Supply Drive

Weekend of February 27th & 28th    

We want to help Woodbury Elementary School restock their “Magic” room of supplies!. The School Office Staff maintains a room stocked with school supplies that they distribute to children in need when they show up to class without the supplies they need to be successful. There is no school budget to stock this room and they rely, solely, on donations to keep it open. They asked if we would be willing to help. Of course, we are willing to help! We are Five Oaks Church!! Our goal is to fully restock this room in one weekend.

Jerry Meras will have his MINI Cooper parked in front of the church the weekend of February 27th & 28th. We need your help to fill the MINI from floorboards to ceiling.

Flyers are being given in the Tree House this weekend or can be picked up at Guest Services. Below is a list of the needed items:

● Plastic school box (5”x8”)               ● #2 pencils with erasers (Ticonderoga preferred) 

● 12 pack colored pencils                   ● 24 pack Crayola crayons

● 10 pack classic thick markers       ● 10 pack classic thin markers

● Highlighters                                       ● 4 oz. Elmer’s white school glue

● Glue sticks Glue sticks                   ● Crayola watercolor paints 

● Spiral bound notebooks (wide line)● Dry erase white board markers (low odor) 

● Pocket folders                                  ● Wet wipes (large container)   

● Loose leaf paper                              ● Post­its (3x3”) 

● 3”x5” ruled index cards                  ● Notebook of graphing paper (4 squares per inch quad)

Bring what you can, no donation is too small!   

For further information contact KHUSA Director Judy Visness,

God bless!

Jerry Meras,


Union Gospel Mission Needs Volunteers - Saturday, February 27

UGMTC at HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteer Expo


On Saturday, February 27th, HandsOn Twin Cities will be putting on their annual volunteer expo at the Mall of America.  Over 80 local non-profits will be on hand speak with the thousands of people at the mall to talk about ways to volunteer and give back to the community.  Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities will have a booth in the main rotunda.  In addition to having a booth, UGMTC will also have space for families and individuals to help decorate placemats that will be used at our Men’s and Women’s Campus cafeterias. 

We’re looking for volunteers who would be willing to help be present at our booth and to share with people about how to volunteer with UGMTC.  The event will be on Saturday, February 27th from 10 – 3pm.   There are two shifts that we are looking to have volunteers be present and we would like to have 4 volunteers at each shift.   Of course, we’ll all wear our UGMTC t-shirts!


10am – 12:30pm (4 volunteers)

12:30pm – 3pm  (4 volunteers)

All supplies and handout information will be provided.  Josh Windham and other staff will be present to provide support.  Contact Josh Windham if you are interested and he will sign you up! 

To Volunteer or for Further Information contact:

Josh Windham

Volunteer Services Manager

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities

77 Ninth St. East, St. Paul, MN 55101

Direct: 651-789-7645

Fax: 651-222-7968



Want to Know What is Going On with IMPACT?

Impact Ministries at Five Oaks Church is very active in helping spread the Gospel locally and throughout the globe, helping grow Christ's church, caring for the needs of the poor, the aliens among us and the disenfranchised. 

A secondary mission of Impact is to grow Five Oakers spiritually by exposing them to the multitude of blessings available in service to others. To accomplish these things, it is extremely important to get information to those that can make a difference. That is YOU.       

Have you ever wanted to know WHAT opportunities exist through our Impact Ministries? WHEN those opportunities take place? And HOW you can serve? 

Also, WHICH missionaries do we support? Or WHY we support certain missionaries, serve in certain countries or partner with certain local organizations.  

Director of Outreach, Jerry Meras, is available to come to your Small Group and answer your questions. Talk about this opportunity with your Small Group leader. When your Small Group is ready, all you need to do is email Jerry at and invite him to one of your upcoming meetings.”