Want to Know What is Going On with IMPACT?

Impact Ministries at Five Oaks Church is very active in helping spread the Gospel locally and throughout the globe, helping grow Christ's church, caring for the needs of the poor, the aliens among us and the disenfranchised. 

A secondary mission of Impact is to grow Five Oakers spiritually by exposing them to the multitude of blessings available in service to others. To accomplish these things, it is extremely important to get information to those that can make a difference. That is YOU.       

Have you ever wanted to know WHAT opportunities exist through our Impact Ministries? WHEN those opportunities take place? And HOW you can serve? 

Also, WHICH missionaries do we support? Or WHY we support certain missionaries, serve in certain countries or partner with certain local organizations.  

Director of Outreach, Jerry Meras, is available to come to your Small Group and answer your questions. Talk about this opportunity with your Small Group leader. When your Small Group is ready, all you need to do is email Jerry at and invite him to one of your upcoming meetings.”