What is God’s vision for your life? Your marriage? Your family?

God created you. And when we choose to follow Jesus, he has made, and is making, us a new creation. But, we are still messed up. Life doesn’t happen exactly as we will it. 

Yet, God has a vision for your life… your marriage… your family. And it starts with being rooted in who God is and what he has done.  Which, in turn, tells us who we are and what we are to do. 

Vision, to some, looks like a tangible, quantifiable goal. God’s vision looks like a relationship with him and the new identity he has given you.

•You are a greatly loved child of God the Father. You are a brother or sister to others in God’s FAMILY.
(Love God – Matthew 22)

•You were once a slave to sin and death, but no longer. You are now a SERVANT and follower of Jesus.
(Love others – Matthew 22)

•You were once purposeless or purposed in idolatry. You are now empowered by the Holy Spirit as a MISSIONARY in the greatest mission of God’s kingdom.
(Make disciples – Matthew 28)

We are called to be a family of servant missionaries.  What does that look like?

We need God and each other to accomplish this vision of our new identity.  Don’t wait to accomplish God’s vision for your life. Get involved in a small group to have people walk alongside you in your journey.