Student Ministry Food Drive

Hey Parents!

We are almost two months into our year and we have been having a blast with your students!  We had such an amazing time at Camp Getaway and are looking forward to Pumpkinfest this Saturday, October 29th!  Both of these fall events are great ways for us to get to know your students better and for them to get to know one another better as well.

Here’s what you need to know for November:

As a church and as a Student Ministry, we will focus on Impact.  As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with the abundant blessings that God has given to us, we seek to bless those who are in need.  The Union Gospel Mission of St. Paul will be providing thousands of Thanksgiving dinners to people who are in need during this holiday season.  Our goal in Students is to provide 75 of these Thanksgiving dinners through donations of food and finances. (Five Oaks has a bigger goal of 550 bags; we want to fill at least 75 of those bags in Students!)

Attached to this email is a shopping list of groceries that each donated bag should contain.  The turkeys will be donated directly from a distributor, but we will be providing the non-perishable parts of the Thanksgiving meal.  We need you to partner with your students to create an Impact in our community. We encourage you to get your student involved in any way possible.

On Wednesday, November 16th we will have each small group pack the meals and pray over them at youth group.  If our students can provide 50 meals, Justin and Aaron will take a pie in the face.  And if we reach 75 meals, one beloved mystery guest will be pied as well. 

Need some ideas on how to create a meaningful Impact experience for your student?  Here are a few ideas how you and your student can raise funds or collect food for those in need during this season: 

1.      Have your student do chores around the house to raise money.

2.       Have them talk to neighbors and extended family members about what we as a Student Ministry are trying to do and ask for any possible donations.

3.      Go to the grocery store and fill a bag as a family and bring it on Wednesday night.

4.      Encourage them to think about donating their allowance or Wednesday snack money.

Our goal is to serve those in need during a season when many experience an abundance of blessings.  It’s a time for us as leaders and parents to come alongside our students and provide an opportunity for them make a difference for the kingdom of God.  Please pray for both our students and the people whose needs we are seeking to meet in these coming weeks.

If you have any questions or wish to partner with us, please email Aaron Parsons at



Five Oaks Students Ministry