Capture the moment

Downpours of the heart

Downpours of the heart

My instinct was to say; "No! Play in the rain? Are you kidding me? You are going to get wet and cold... and I know you'll just pile the wet clothes on the bathroom floor. I don't even know that I have clean towels for you to dry off!" All the thoughts of how this activity could go ran through my head, but my mouth spoke the word, "Sure!" 

Watching out the window I realized that my busy thoughts almost missed this moment! That moment that I looked out and saw the child like smiles on the faces of her and her best friend. All the heaviness of the world they carry on their shoulders melted away and they, for a few brief moments in time, became carefree kids again; And I almost missed it.

How often, as parents, do we clutter our minds with how a scenario could go and then let the word "no", slip from our mouths, instead of taking a chance on the moment? 

Sunday, May 22nd, we held a parent workshop. During this time, our new Family and Discipleship Pastor John and I, shared ideas on how to embrace the moments that impact the hearts of our children. Many times we feel like the gestures for our kids hearts need to be grand to be an impact, but it's the small moments that earn their trust and the ability to speak in to their hearts for a lifetime. 

On your way down to the children's wing, there is a table in the hallway that is filled with some of the tangible, hands on ideas that were shared. There are also some printed ideas for you to take home with you. Please stop by and gather some ideas on some quick ways to capture the hearts of your kids in the simple moments. 

The girls came in, soaking wet and a little chilly. I managed to find two clean, dry towels for them and the clothes magically did not end up on the floor in a wet heap. The moment was well worth the smiles that it created for them and for their hearts, as well as mine! And, thankfully, the moment was not lost to me.