Thank you!

Thank you for all you do in helping us bring the story of God to life!

Find your serving 'zone'

If you already serve in some capacity at Five Oaks, you know when it’s the right fit: you grow in this role, and our church body benefits from that contagiousness. When you serve, it’s because of you that we can bring the story of God to life each week. 

Finding the right serving fit may mean you try a few areas on for size — that’s OK! If you are looking to start serving but aren’t sure where to serve, consider trying out a new serving role or ministry for Christmas. We always need extra hands and hearts at Christmas time with several additional worship services. Another great way to help at Christmas time is to consider serving in a new area with your whole family, or with your small group.  

To get connected, you may email Jennifer Clemens, our Serve Coordinator, at She will contact you and walk you through the process to begin serving at Five Oaks.