New Year, New Me

One of my least favorite things about the new year is the actual date. It takes me at least three months to get into the habit of writing the correct year. This has caused many bills and checks to be returned, as the checks appear to be outdated by a year! This always makes me laugh because it happens during this time every single year.

I often hear many people say, “New Year, New Me” along with a list of many resolutions. For instance, the gym always seem to be busiest this time of year. As the year progresses it seems that many of the “New Year New Me” resolutions tend to dissolve. This has been my experience at least. I always tell myself I’m going to stick with that certain thing this year. “This year will be the year!” turns into, "Next year will be the year!" and so on. What would it take for this year to be different? 

I have found that it comes down to our attitudes and how we approach life. I have served with a middle school mission organization called the The Jeremiah Project every year for the last seven years. We lead middle schoolers in repairing and rebuilding homes whose owners can’t afford the repairs. One “training” tip we always give the students is to say, “There is lots of potential here” when walking into a home that might look or smell different from what the students are used to. It’s this attitude of seeing the potential to help and to make the home better that helps our students overcome the initial shock of the situation. It also helps to show respect to the homeowner. I have seen this attitude change the lives and thoughts of many students and leaders.

I’m starting this new year by seeing all that I want to do and change simply as “a lot of potential." This attitude helps me joyfully journey through every endeavor. I challenge you to do the same: during this new year, try seeing every opportunity or situation as one with “lots of potential." I pray this change in attitude and approach blesses you this year! God is always faithful and able! 

In Christ,
Justin Talk
Associate Director of Youth Ministry