Reminder please

It's time to make my bi-monthly menu plan. Three meals a day, for five people for 14 days, is a lot to remember. I dig out the recipe books and choose recipes, then plug them in to the menu plan. Then it's time to write the grocery list using the menu plan, but I can't stop there. Then I need to organize the list by departments, or even sometimes aisles if I know the store well enough. It's a process but I want to make sure I don't forget a thing. The check list is long and time consuming and I probably kill a baby tree in the process with the amount of paper I use, but when it comes to my family's stomachs, I can't risk forgetting even one item needed. 

As we finish up this unit with The Gospel Project, we are coming off of a large list of laws for sacrifice and commandments and it's easy to see them as a checklist that must not be forgotten. The Israelites are standing on the edge of the promised land, ready to enter, as Moses calls on them to be holy and obey only God, even though He knew they wouldn't. God reminded His people that He made an unconditional covenant promise. The promise that He was working out His plan to to send Jesus to not just rescue His people, but to bless the whole earth. 

Remind your kids this week that God asks for our obedience to be born out of gratitude, not as a way to earn His favor. Remind them that God's plan to rescue us all from sin and save His people has ALWAYS been through Jesus. 

More often than not, even though I worked hard on my checklist, I inevitably forget many items that I needed to complete the list, just as, often times, I forget all that He has accomplished for me. He wants our love and our obedience, but it doesn't come through a checklist, it comes through Jesus!