The Blessing of DailyLife

Every time I talk with other churches about how Five Oaks is doing small groups and engaging our people with Scripture, they are always blown away by 2 things.

1. The number of people in our small groups.
2. That we have our own volunteer writing team. (And it's a writing team that our people actually love!)

I just met with our DailyLife writing team this past weekend. It is an eclectic bunch who absolutely love bringing the story of God to life through engaging people with daily Bible reading and reflection.  This is a multi-week process of writing, content editing, and format editing.  It's incredible what this team is able to do each and every week!

I shared with them a story of a man in our church recently challenged to read and reflect on Scripture daily. DailyLife was put forth as an option for him.  This guy came back weeks later saying, "I look at each day differently. My perspectives are changing. My wife is commenting on changes seen in me." (etc. etc.!) God can work mightily in and through us as we take time to listen to him through the scriptures.

I am thankful for this team that makes a huge impact on the hundreds of subscribers, everyday. And if you aren't signed up, here's how: sign up for DailyLife.