Who's Sid?

Mom to child: "I hear you learned about sin tonight at church!"

Dad: "Who's Sid?"

Isn't that, so often, how the conversations go on our ride home from church? You hope for some deep meaningful dialogue about the lesson your child learned, only to be derailed by 'Sid'.  'Sid' comes in many different forms and many times with the label of too busy. But can I take a moment to encourage you? Continue the conversation! 

I heard an example this week of how the brilliance of the Word of God and our need for Jesus shines brightest against the backdrop of sin. Like a good fireworks show that needs a blackened sky to show its true radiance. 

It's scary to have the conversations with our kids about sin, especially our little ones. I remember feeling like as soon as I had the conversation with them that then they would be aware of that sin and I wanted to protect them from that part of the world. Yet, without the reality of sin, we can't see our need for Jesus, and I so desperately want my children to understand their need for Jesus. It's so important to continue having the conversations with our kids. 

Each week in the Tree House, your kids will be given a take home activity sheet and a collectable card. These resources are available for you to continue the conversations at home and throughout the week with your kids. 

I don't know how the family conversation ended, but needless to say, I am sure their conversation about 'Sid' continued and explanations were made. 

Take time this week to observe and talk about the radiance and brilliance of who Jesus is against the backdrop of a sinful world and keep the conversation going!